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Carefully selected gourmet ingredients to cook with, drink, and snack on—from a different country every month.

Immerse yourself with our recipes, information about the country, trivia questions and a Spotify playlist to create the perfect atmosphere. 

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From the rich flavours of Italian chocolate to crispy cheesy rolls of Brazil to the buttery biscuits from France, you will be rewarded with a cultural experience in every box.

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If you wish to keep exploring, every month the subscription will renew automatically and you will be ready for your next adventure.

Going on holiday or just need a break? Super easy 1-step cancellation process, no questions asked.


Laura McLachlan

Thank you Meet the World for taking our household to Brazil. So easy and fun to create a meal that tasted like it was from a restaurant! Absolutely divine!

Sharon Williams

Loved the Brazil box!! Both courses were delicious, easy and fun to prepare. I had a blast visiting Brazil

Rodrigo Nishihara

Brazil Box was amazing delicious....very easy to make and incredible flavour. I loved it.

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